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X-TRA RANGE family routers are specially tailored for multimedia and high performance applications.

The EnGenius Dual Concurrent Gigabit Live Media Router ESR750H provides simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless signals at the same time. This router allows you to surf the internet and check email via the 2.4GHz band while simultaneously streaming HD video and other media through the 5GHz band.

USB Port
Connect a USB hard drive or USB printer to your router and allow users to share files, media and printers with friends and family anywhere within the network. Featuring with shAir Music1, it allows you to handle playback action from an iPhone, iPod®, iPad®, or other Apple device to stream the audio to the connected USB speakers.

QoS – Managing your bandwidth
The ESR750H has been engineered with intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) to prioritize bandwidth-demanding applications like video streaming, gaming and large file transfers as well as bandwidth-sensitive applications like VoIP phone calls and video conferencing. This enables multiple applications to stream smoothly to your TV or PC